J-125/43 M

Underbridge access truck mounted

J-125/43 M : Underbridge Access Truck Mounted J-125/43 M

Gateway truck J-125/43M is used in situations that require a major vertical and lateral clearing. Its gateway allows it to go over sidewalks and go down, up to 5.5 meters. Its very large gateway allows the work to be carried out with ease.


Platform extended length (without tower)
13 050 mm
42’8’’ ft
Retracted length
6 300 mm
20’6’’ ft
Lateral extended length (over sidewalks)
2 500 mm
8’2’’ ft
Vertical extension
5 790 mm
11’9’’ ft
Lower platform width
1 460 mm
4’7’’ ft
Total unit length
10 970 mm
35’9’’ ft
Total width in operation
2 500 mm
8’2’’ ft
Height of the tower
10 970 mm
35’9’’ ft
Platform rotation
180 degrees
Platform maximum weight capacity
600 kg
1 320 lb
Total weight of the unit
22 320 kg
49 207 lb
Erection and extension
On Right or Left Side

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