Business Line

Many projects require access to structures that, at first, seem out of reach. JENIK has the expertise, experience and innovative approach.


Engineering Firms

Engineering firms rely on JENIK’S expertise on a regular basis. Whether they need to take dimensional measurements, conduct a detailed inspection of a structure, add components or reconstruct, many engineering firms use our services to ensure reliable access to bridge structures, hydro-electric dams, docks, tunnels and others.

Governments and Counties

All types of bridges from small wooden bridges to large-scale bridges, pedestrian walkways and other infrastructures can be taken care with our units. JENIK collaborates closely with these partners to repair, build and inspect structures of all sizes.

Construction Contractors

When a bridge structure requires painting, repairs, or the addition of fiber optic lines, gas pipelines or electrical cables, contractors can count on us for support to complete their project. Our expertise and experience in the field of construction, combined with our knowledge of under bridge access solution, makes JENIK a precious partner for contractors looking for effective, quick and cost-efficient solutions. Our extensive and highly diversified fleet allows us to provide equipment wich is perfectly adapted to each situation, to save time and money.

Types of Structures

Bridges and Overpasses

Our trailer and truck mounted inspection platform and areal bucket trucks can access underbridge structures as well as optimal lateral access, making it a good option for painting, installing optic fiber lines, gas pipelines and do storm sewer maintenance.


Renting an aerial bucket truck or platform unit allows access to the inner walls of a tunnel for maintenance, repair, painting, reconstruction and other work. Aerial bucket trucks and platform units are quick to mobilize and move around easily. The large work platform makes this equipment extremely efficient and safe. Our aerial bucket trucks and platform trucks are ideal for replacing lighting systems, caulking, de-icing and concrete repairs for walls, ceilings and arches.

Hydro-Electric Dams and Locks

To perform lateral work on a hydro-electric dam and have access to the locks, their door mechanisms and partition entrances, renting trucks mounted underbridge access platform or an aerial bucket truck is the mostly used method for carrying out work on those areas.


Our units can also be used for maintenance work and repairing docks because our underbridge access units and aerial bucket trucks adapt easily to the tides. Our units are regularly used for inspections, maintenance and rebuilding of Viennese walls (sheet pile wall).

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