JENIK is renowned throughout North America for renting trucks mounted platform, trailers mounted platform and aerial bucket trucks for underbridge access

This acknowledgement can be explained by the variety of solutions, as well as JENIK’s approach. Our dedicated team knows their equipment. JENIK becomes a partner for each project, guiding you towards the optimal solution in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and safety. An underbridge inspection units or aerial bucket truck can be rented short-term, medium-term or long-term, with or without an operator, according to your requirements. Your projects require a long-term rental of an underbridge access platform or a snooper truck, and you want one of your employees to be trained to operate it? No problem. Our experienced instructors will teach your employee about every aspect of operating it. (link towards training).

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The advantage of a underbridge access platform and Aerial Bucket Truck Rental

Reaching a bridge structure is always challenging. Different options are available to help you to succeed. Renting a truck mounted or a trailer mounted underbridge access platform or an aerial bucket truck is a safe, quick, versatile and efficient option that provides guaranteed access to all bridge structures, overpasses, hydro-electric dams, tunnels or docks.


The use of a underbridge access unit is a very safe option to access structures. Our machinery is equipped with a safety line system to ensure the safety of the workers. Also it is equipped with an emergency shutdown and a system to limit movement. JENIK’s fleet is equipped with communication systems. Cameras installed inside our trucks allow to watch live all work operations being held under structures. If required the users of the bridge access equipment can communicate at all times with the operator by using a built-in intercom system linked to all units. All our units are equipped with integrated lighting that allows night shift production.

Only one Lane Required

One of JENIK’s concern’s is to enable the bridge’s structural work to be completed efficiently and safely for workers and motorists. Our underbridge access platforms are easily installed, and require blocking only one lane. The truck mounted underbridge platforms and trailer mounted engineering ensures optimal weight distribution of the equipment.

Versatility of our fleet

Our units meet all kinds of different access requirements. Whether you want to access the bridge structure for inspection, maintenance or major restoration work, we always provide you with the best ergonomic equipment to ensure your job.

Fast Deployment

Contrary to other methods of bridge structure access, the truck and trailer mounted platforms or snooper trucks are deployed very easily. Our professionals are trained to ensure a quick, efficient and safe deployment. Depending on the level of difficulty to access the structure, our operators will only take a few moments to deploy the equipment. Our equipment is also easy to move, relocate and redeploy if a change of location is required.

Guaranteed Access

Each bridge is unique. Each underbridge truck or aerial bucket truck is unique too. Their various designs allow us to offer a solution perfectly adapted to your requirements, whatever they are. If the solution does not exist, we will find it for you. JENIK designs and manufactures the necessary equipment to constantly adapt itself to all kinds of situations.

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