J-120/39 H

Underbridge access truck mounted

J-120/39 H : Underbridge Access Truck Mounted J-120/39 H

Having the ability to access areas of under the bridge structure that are difficult to reach, gateway truck J-120/39H is the most suitable choice for two-lane bridges. It is assembled in three sections, which give it a significant deployment range. Its gateway deploys itself alongside the structure. It can be a useful unit in such cases where distance between a watercourse and a deck is limited.


Platform extended length (without tower)
12 080 mm
39’6’’ ft
Retracted length
6 310 mm
20’7’’ ft
Lateral extended length (over sidewalks)
1 820 mm
5’9’’ ft
Vertical extension
3 620 mm
11’8’’ ft
Lower platform width
920 mm
3’0’’ ft
Total unit length
10 350 mm
33’9’’ ft
Total width in operation
2 500 mm
8’2’’ ft
Height of the tower
8 650 mm
28’3’’ ft
Platform rotation
180 degrees
Platform maximum weight capacity
635 kg
1 400 lb
Total weight of the unit
17 190 kg
37 900 lb
Erection and extension
On Right

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