Design and manufacturing

Design equipment with very high added value that perfectly meets your needs.

Based on expertise acquired over more than 15 years of operating underbridge inspection units and aerial bucket trucks, JENIK designs and implements safe solutions adapted to all your needs. Every construction site and every contract has its share of challenges. If access to a structure does not appear to be feasible by means of an existing solution, JENIK will create the equipment to allow you to access the structure and complete the work. Our engineers identify the access problems and design special accessories that meet the highest standards of quality to facilitate access to work areas. JENIK knows its equipment as well as the various structural environments in which it must evolve. We can work with you to create an effective and safe solution.

Meeting expectations from design to delivery

We create all the parts for our truck mounted platform unit, trailers mounted and aerial bucket trucks in our factory according to ANSI 98.2 standards and plans designed by our engineers, who ensure that they comply with the technical characteristics at every stage of production. Among the key factors that enable JENIK to fully meet their clients’ expectations and requirements is the proximity between design and production.

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