J-62 A

Aerial bucket truck

J-62 A : Aerial Bucket Truck J-62 A

Our aerial bucket trucks J-62A are particularly useful for performing light work on and under metal bridge structures or complex bridge membranes. Completely deployed, the aerial platform reaches up to 18.2 meters of vertical clearance to access under the structure. The use of this type of machinery also provides access to all surfaces where no other equipment is able to reach. The aerial platform of our bucket trucks is designed to contain up to three workers in 180-degree rotating basket.


Horizontal reach under bridge
18.8 m
61’9’’ ft
Vertical reach down
20.6 m
67’9’’ ft
Vertical reach up
15.7 m
51’9’’ ft
Movement No 1
+30 to -35 degrees
Movement No 2
+0 to -105 degrees
Movement No 3
+90 to -60 degrees
Movement No 4
+90 à -36 degrees
Space required on bridge
2.5 m
8’2’’ ft
Basket capacity
272 kg
599 lb
Basket size
1010 x 1520 mm
40‘’ x 60‘’ x 42‘’
Total length
12.2 m
40’0’’ ft
Total size
4.0 m
13’ ft

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