2010 Hydra platform

HP-35 : 2010 Hydra platform HP35 Trailer-Mounter under bridge unit

Price : US$ 145 000

Hour meter : 2301 hours
Year : 2010

The HP35 trailer-mounted under-bridge access unit, comes equipped with enough hardware and capabilities to service more than 1,000 square feet of under-bridge area with one deck placement. With its maximum drop depth of more than 18 ft. (5.54 m) and platform extension of 35 ft. (10.67 m), the HP35 can easily reach across most bridges with two to three lanes of traffic.

The under bridge unit has proven to be the safest and most cost effective equipment for bridge inspections, painting, sandblasting, repair and construction.

The trailer-mounted unit sets up in only one lane of traffic, is hydraulically erect in less than five minutes, and self-propels on the bridge deck.


Platform Length

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